Preparation of a job is the most important part as a painter and decorator to achieve an outstanding first class finish. All areas to be redecorated are thoroughly sheeted up before commencing any work. I carry out filling up to all cracks on ceilings, walls and woodwork, all gaps and cracks around coving, window frames, door frames, tops of skirting boards are raked out and then caulked up, I strip off old wallpaper from ceilings and walls and if required hang new lining paper to any defective surfaces. My attention to detail is second to none.


I cover all aspects of Interior painting and decorating work, including emulsioning ceilings, coving and walls. Stain blocking to all kinds of stains. Priming, undercoating and glossing of woodwork and metalwork using oil based paint or water based paint. Paint stripping is carried out using paint stripper or a hot air gun. All types of staining and varnishing work carried out.

I insist on using only the best quality trade paints to paint with. Make no mistake - trade paints are of a superior quality to publicly available paints which makes for a better finish and saves time required to complete a job. Which in turn saves you money!


It's not just the inside of the house that requires attention; The Exterior of your property is just as important. I cover all aspects of exterior painters and decorators work, including removal of peeling paint with a hot air gun, priming, glass replacement, painting of fascia boards, soffitts, guttering, downpipes, cladding, windows, wooden and metal doors, door frames, and masonry painting.   


Wallpapering takes skill and experience to achieve a great finish. To achieve this all walls are filled up and then sanded down. Then a coat of wallpaper size is applied to the walls and allowed to dry. Then you plan where to start, on a feature wall I always start in the middle of the wall and wallpaper outwards this allows when finishing each side of the wall will have the same pattern and look even. When wallpapering a whole room I start behind a door or a chimney breast. Using a spirit level to ensure you have a dead straight line to start wallpapering from, all lengths of wallpaper are matched and butted up perfectly so no joints are seen.

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